Gabayanos celebrate RETROSPECT: The Gabay Christmas Party
By Erin Sajonas and Kyle Victoriano
Prepared by Kian Oladive

Ateneo Gabay finally capped off an eventful 2022 with a face-to-face get-together, RETROSPECT: The Gabay Christmas Party, held last December 12, 2022 after holding two years of online iterations. The Y2K-themed event, which took place from 3:30-8:00 p.m. at the MVP Roofdeck, featured games, raffles, and performances, made for a refreshing and exciting night for Gabay's members after a long and memorable semester.

Cheerful hosts Stephanie Isidro and Lauren Kelsey Sta. Maria spearheaded the event as the masters of the ceremony. To kick off the series of activities, Gabay's Amazing Dancers (GADs) performed a dance number for everyone. The event's project head, Charles Opague, then gave opening remarks to welcome attendees and invite them to enjoy the night, exclaiming "We're here to party and we're here to love, so let's all enjoy GCP!"

This was followed by two games, a "Human Bingo" icebreaker activity open for all attendees, and "Charades", a competition among the four Gabay batches, which had cash prizes. After these games, the two upper batches showcased performances they had prepared. Batch 43 (Seniors) performed a wellness dance, while Batch 44 (Juniors) exhibited two musical numbers: the infamous Mean Girls' Jingle Bell Rock performance and an Anak remix parody.

Immediately, another two games were played: "The Longest Line", a competition among the four batches; and "Balloon Popping", a competition among three of Gabay's committees: Scholar Adjustment, Education Operations, and Academics in that order. After the games, dinner was served to all attendees. As the Gabayons feasted on their meals, a live music set was covered by GaBand, featuring several OPM hits such as Magbalik by Callalily and Torete by Moonstar88. GaBand's gig was well-received by the attendees as the party-goers form an impromptu conga line and cheerfully chant during the final song, fostering the joyous spirit of festivities and celebration.

Moreover, across the program, raffle prizes in the form of GCash credit and Starbucks gift checks were handed out to lucky Gabayanos who registered for the event.

Furthermore, after a hearty dinner, Batches 45 and 46 (Sophomores and Freshmen, respectively) each displayed dance and musical performances with varied genres extending from OPM, Pop, to K-Pop.

Afterward, a video presentation recapping all past events of the organization had held for the first semester; a song cover of Ben&Ben's Bibingka by Gabay's very own Executive Committee, Akbay; and a Christmas carol performance by the Gabay Caroling Team followed through as the night was about to end.

As the program was about to end, the much anticipated ceremony of formal and informal awards transpired hosted by Project Head Charles Opague with President Gab Galvez. These sundry awards ranged from the most informal ones, such as "Boy Crush", "Girl Crush", "Nasayo na ang Lahat", "Best Dressed Princess", "Best Dressed Prince", "GR Mainstay", "One Call Away Member", "Male Ultimate Survivor", "Female Ultimate Survivor", "Core Team ko 'to", "Emerging Love Team", "Single Pringle", "Mommy G", "Daddy G"—to the most formal ones"such as "Gabayanoldie of the Sem", "Gabayanew of the Sem", "Project of the Sem", "Project Heads of the Sem", and "Best Dressed Award"—to deserving Gabayanos.

Ultimately, the closing remarks for GCP were expressed by President Gab Galvez, stating "sa Gabay there's a family where you can be with and hopefully mas ma-enganyo kayong magkasasama tayo." The event culminated in an all-attendees picture-taking and the Gabay song tradition wherein Gabayanos held the hands of their peers.

Overall, RETROSPECT: The Gabay Christmas Party had 139 Gabayano attendees. The event would not have been made possible without the contributions of the event's core team: Project Head Charles Opague; Creative Communications Samantha Avila, Danni Casicas, Christian Dasalla, and Jericho Navarro; Logistics Jed Arcilla, Jake Castillejos, Jaydee Delos Santos, and Lea Espiritu; Programs Rhyzen Aguilar, Ysabelle Pangilinan, Merylle Pascual, Ren Tagle, and Andy Tiongco; Secretariats Iver Delos Santos, Avi Malana, and Raiza Ragay; and, Finance Officer CJ Marcelo.