Organizational Structure

The General Assembly consists of all the members of Gabay. It is designated by the Saligang Batas ng Ateneo Gabay 2018 as the highest and most important decision-making body in the organization to ensure that all major decisions of Gabay come from its members. The GA is divided into four committees:
  • Academics Committee (Acad),
  • Education Operations Committee (EdOp),
  • Member Formation Committee (MF), and
  • Scholars' Adjustment Committee (SA).
  • All members of the organization are enjoined to be part of one committee. The four committees are led by their respective committee heads. Together with the Executive Board (EB), which consists of the President, Internals Vice President, Externals Vice President, Secretary-General, and Finance Officer--all of whom are of equal importance and authority to the organization—the committee heads comprise the Executive Committee (EXECOM) of the organization. This school year, the name of the organization's EXECOM is LULAN.

    Every year, the freshie batch of the organization elects a pre-determined number of Freshmen Representatives (FReps), who work with the EXECOM to give voice to the newest members of the organization.

    The EXECOM is advised and overseen by a moderator--an alumnus/alumna of Gabay tasked to ensure that the organization stays true to what it has always stood for during its decades-long history. This year, Gabay's moderator is Mr. Arvin Jay Boller, PhD. (cand.) of the Department of Psychology.