(Vision, Mission, and Objectives)


Our thrust for the year is, "To strengthen the foundations set in action by the transition to the online setting and establish sustainable systems that are effective both on site and online."


Organizational Development

Core Competency

Internal Communication
To utilize and explore information dissemination platforms in identifying and addressing the sectors' needs.
Project Management
To enhance existing project management systems for more efficient and effective project implementation.
To develop advocacy-integrated and data-driven efforts in engaging the members and facilitating their growth in the organization.
Financial Management
To efficiently allocate the organization's resources and create sustainable financial foundations that aim to enrich the advocacy and member formation initiatives of the organization.
To strengthen Ateneo Gabay's online presence in communicating and fulfilling their advocacy for quality education to its stakeholders.
Education Operations
To advance quality education by supplementing existing services for Erya kids with other innovative avenues of learning and systems of analysis geared towards the future.
Member Formation
To establish the identity of Ateneo Gabay members into member-advocates by providing avenues and formations to harness their strengths and opportunities.
Scholars' Adjustment
To improve internal and external systems towards scholar empowerment through value-adding sector initiatives and services.
Gabay's Advocacy
Gabay's History
Organizational Structure
Gabay Song