Paglulan: Gabayanos kickstart Gabay's 45th year in First General Assembly

By Allyana Santos and Kristel Mangarin

         In its 45th year, Ateneo Gabay continues its commitment in forming member-advocates who live out the true spirit of pagtataya. Through the First General Assembly held on September 25, 2021, about 120 Gabayanos, old and new, were oriented on Gabay's advocacy and introduced to the projects and initiatives in store for the school year.
         Gabay President Isabel Salsona started the program with her opening remarks. Ms. Salsona shared that she looks forward to the camaraderie that the members will form this year, and she remains optimistic in the second year of distance learning. "Gagawin nating worth it and we'll make the most out of it," said Ms. Salsona.

         Gabayanos had the opportunity to meet their fellow members through a getting-to-know activity headed by Internal Vice President Gabrielle Galvez, Finance Officer Reyna Bautista, and Secretary-General Jomar Sta. Maria.

         The main event was the Advocacy Session prepared by Kurt de los Santos, Gabay's Externals Vice President. Mr. De los Santos reminded the participants that they are not alone in pagtataya, and that Gabayanos strive for quality education through serving fellow scholars and Erya kids.
         During the Advocacy Session, Gabay's upcoming projects were also introduced to the members. The lineup started with the Call for Gabay Influencers, which was held from September 27, 2021 to October 2, 2021. It was then followed up by Kulito, Gabay's official socio-political arm that focuses on "raising awareness and initiating change on socio-political issues happening at present through the lens of education." The Office of Secretary-General (OSG) will soon be announcing the opening of the core team applications.
         Mr. De los Santos also informed the members of the OSG Pools Recruitment Wave 2 that includes the Communications, Design, Documentation, and Yabag teams and opened from September 27 to October 2, 2021. Gabayanos were also invited to take part in the organization's other projects that will happen throughout the year: fundraisers Share-Ya (October 4-27, 2021), Art For A Cause (AFAC) (November 3 to December 3, 2021), and Caroling (September to October); Academics Committee's Studybuddy (; Education Operations Committee's Online PrepErya (September 29 to October 1), Erya Hotline, and Gabay Erya Formation Program (October 4, 2021); Member Formation Committee's Chill, Pool Applications, Talent Week; and the Scholars' Adjustment Committee's Kwentong Scholar and Scholars' Week.
         To entice more members to join Gabay's Caroling this year, former Caroling Team members sang a rendition of "Seasons of Love".
         Following the plenary, the participants were then split into breakout rooms, where Gabayanos met their fellow committee members. After the breakout sessions, Ms. Salsona presented the Gabay Semesteral Calendar followed by the Freshmen Representatives Election Announcement.

         In closing the program, Ms. Salsona reminded Gabayanos that Gabay will always be by their side to support their growth in advocating for quality education. As per tradition, Gabayanos virtually linked their arms and sang Gabay's official anthem, "Gagabayan Ka Niya".

         The First General Assembly was spearheaded by LULAN, Ateneo Gabay's Executive Committee for S.Y. 2021-2022.