Gabay welcomes Batch 45 FReps aboard

By Allyana Santos

         From seven candidates, three new Gabayanos were elected as Batch 45's Freshmen Representatives (FReps) during the election period from September 27 to October 10, 2021.

         With a voter turnout of 67%, freshmen Gabayanos chose Rhyzen Joram Aguilar (1 BS LM), Frances Nicole Manuel (1 BS HS), and Ardy Emmanuel Tagle (1 BS ME) as their representative to LULAN, Gabay's Executive Committee for S.Y. 2021-2022. They received 46.0%, 79.0%, and 51.7% of the votes, respectively.
         Before stepping forward to run for the position, potential candidates had to be nominated by their batchmates from September 27 to 30. From 113 nominees, about 20 of them participated in the Discernment Talk held on September 30.

         In the Discernment Talk, former Freshman Representatives shared their experiences during their time. Jegs Genova (Batch 42) discussed the "first steps to being an FRep", while Eunice Torralba (Batch 43) talked about "shifting perspectives" and the challenges on the transition from face-to-face to online learning. Lastly, Harvey Felipe (Batch 44) shared about building relationships with the whole batch in the online setting. An open forum was also held to address the participants' concerns.
         After the release of the official list of candidates on October 3, the candidates were given three days (from October 4 to 6) to introduce themselves and their platforms through campaign materials posted in the Batch 45 Facebook group. The voting proper was held from October 7 to 9, while the results were posted the day after in the I ♥ Ateneo Gabay Facebook group.
         The newly inducted FReps all look forward to learn and grow from the experience. "I also look forward to making my platforms a reality," said Manuel, whose platforms include a voter education project and information drive on scholarship opportunities in Ateneo. Aguilar's projects are centered around "catering to the needs of Gabayanos and creating a 'sanctuary' for people to connect." Tagle proposes a "peer-matching initiative" and pushes for "proactive approach to mental health awareness", among others.

         The Freshman Representatives Election was spearheaded by commissioners Isabel Salsona, Gabby Bernardo, Rizzie Rapada, and Matthew Reyes of the Ateneo Gabay COMELEC for S.Y. 2021-2022.