'Layag' sets sail for COA RecWeek

By Van Solaña & Arjun Plomantes

         To urge scholars and non-scholars alike into joining the organization, Ateneo Gabay launched RecWeek 2021: Layag during the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo Recruitment Week (COA RecWeek) last September 13 to 18, through Gabay's official Facebook page and Twitter account.
         All throughout COA RecWeek, various promotional materials were posted across Gabay's social media pages. Using online gimmicks to promote the organization, Gabay posted fun and informational TikTok videos for aspiring members, such as "FAQs as a Gabayano", "Ultimate Guide to Gabay RecWeek", and "Types of Gabayanos". These videos oriented students on Gabay's culture and commitment to advocacy. Along with the videos, interactive pause-and-play GIFs and "show-me-Gabay" Instagram stories were also posted and shared by old members themselves.
         Layag also held a Facebook Live session entitled "GaLayag" last September 16 for its main event, which was hosted by Noelle Cubacub and Jhorcen Mendoza. The participants embarked on a "virtual story tour", simulating an island-hopping journey, where they got to know of Gabay's advocacy and initiatives.

         GaLayag commenced with a Hidden Objects Game, where participants were tasked to look for six tools for navigation (captain's hat, compass, map, treasure chest, guitar, and message bottle) hidden in the tour videos. For this activity, six participants won Grab vouchers as prizes. The winners were Maria Angelica Aguilar, Kayla Kristen Manlapaz, Ma. Ginza Marew Nicolas, Alyssa Glair Casas, Althea Veloso, and Lara Melissa De Vela.

         After the icebreaker, GaLayag had its first stop at the Advocacy Isle, which presented the history and advocacies of Gabay as a sector-based organization. Then, the nine offices and committees of Gabay were introduced: the Office of the President, the Office of the Internal Vice President, the Office of the External Vice President, the Office of the Secretary-General, the Office of Finance Officer, the Academics Committee, the Education Operations Committee, the Member Formation Committee, and the Scholars Adjustment Committee.
         Scholars' Archipelago was GaLayag's next stop, which featured the scholars' sector. This segment discussed the grade requirements for scholars, OAA service hours, and Gabay's scholar-related projects lined up for the school year. Afterwards, GaLayag headed over to its next destination, the Erya Peninsula, which reminisced Erya's history and exhibited its projects for quality education.

         GaLayag then docked on the shores of Island MVP 215 and talked about fond memories of Gabay onsite. The segment introduced participants to the Gabay Room (GR), and to member formation projects such as Chill, Angkan, and Tambay Week.

         To cap off the program, GaLayag opened an Online GR and featured stories from selected Gabayanos. Mia Salvania, Neil Beltran, Arjun Plomantes, Pau Arganda, and Reyna Bautista shared why they chose Gabay and what made them stay in the long run.

         By the end of the event, the GaLayag Facebook live garnered 56 participants in total. GaLayag also welcomed about 400 new members into Ateneo Gabay.
         Gabay's RecWeek 2021 was led by Project Heads Eunice Torralba and Aiden Bravo. Also part of the event's success were Gabrielle Ainah Galvez, overseer; Lea Mari Espiritu and Caryl Guinto for programs; John Dave Darrel Navarro and Jihannah Genova, secretariats; Cedric David Cortez, Precious Nicolas, and Jedidiah Abraham for promos; Harvey Felipe, Mon Gabriel Lagustan, and David Feria for technicals; and Aejan Baldo for finances.