About Study Buddy

Studybuddy is an anonymous online forum where students can discuss concepts from all Ateneo subjects. It also contains a search engine for Gabay’s Long Exam Database, which students can use in their self-review. Finally, Studybuddy is the only forum in the world where students can earn real money by posting quality answers.
Studybuddy is free for all scholars and Gabayanos.



Too shy to ask and answer questions? Fear no more! Studybuddy is completely anonymous so you don’t have to worry about being judged in the forum. We’ve all been there and we want to help everyone get their questions answered.


Studybuddy  offers a participation points system. Get votes for answering other people’s questions and exchange them for actual money. You get paid for the help you gave!

Sample Long Exams

Aside from the forum,  Studybuddy also gives you access to a large database of  sample long exams. These were donated by previous scholars and gabayanos who want to help you get that A.

Supports LaTex

Studybuddy supports LaTeX so your math equations are presented in a more readable manner.

For concerns, suggestions, and other inquiries, regarding StudyBuddy please send us an email or message StudyBuddy on Facebook.