Erya Updates

The Erya Program

Founded on the core values of service, paying it forward, and community building, the Gabay Erya (a Tagalized form of “area”, a word used to refer to the program’s partner schools) Formation Program or the GEFP is a formation program that seeks to enhance the academic skills of public school students. The program accomplishes this goal by providing its beneficiaries, the organization’s erya kids and the Ateneo Center for Educational Development’s high school scholars, with free tutorial and mentoring sessions. In the long term, the GEFP aims to (1) inculcate in its beneficiaries the value of education and (2) grant them better access to quality education. To concretize its primary goal and steadily advance towards its long-term objectives, the program, for the academic year 2015-2016, focuses on ensuring improvement in the erya kids’ academic performances in their respective schools and in the high school scholars’ holistic formation.

The GEFP also endeavors to inspire the erya kids (who are already tutored in mathematics and English every week) by showing them that the idea of quality education is indeed possible and tangible for them. Through the Erya Alternative Classes Program, the children are given the opportunity to spend one whole day in the Ateneo wherein they are taught lessons on special subjects, such as chemistry, physics, and theatre arts. On the other hand, Erya Recognition Day—the program’s culminating activity—awards the efforts put forth by the tutees for the past year and pushes them to strive even harder for their dreams.

The Erya Arms

All members of Ateneo Gabay actively participate in the Erya Program by being part of one Erya arm for each semester. Spearheaded by the organization’s Education Operations Committee, these erya arms are the:

Tutoring Arm

Members of this arm tutors the Erya kids in each session. They also serve as “ates” and “kuyas” of the kids to guide them in building interest to learn.

Modules Arm

Members craft English and Math modules consisting of pretest, posttest, and lesson proper. These modules are utilized by the tutors every week.

Data Analysis Arm

Members of this team evaluate the weekly performances of the Erya kids. The evaluation helps the tutoring arm to know the abilities of the kids. In addition, the item analysis helps the modules arm to improve their pretests and posttests. 

History of Erya

As an organization primarily comprised of scholars blessed with the opportunity to study in the Ateneo de Manila University, Ateneo Gabay felt that there was a need to give back by responding to society’s calls of need. Recognizing the value of quality education in the lives of Atenean scholars, the organization saw that the best way to contribute was to serve and support the Philippine public education sector; thus, in the 1980’s (only less than a decade after the organization was founded), its members—who mostly came from public schools themselves—started teaching the elementary students of various partner public schools. After several years of tutoring, Ateneo Gabay was able to send six erya kids to different prestigious high schools (like the Ateneo de Manila High School, Miriam College High School, and Stella Maris College) through the help of various partner organizations, such as, Tulong Dunong and Education Nurtured in Christ.

Ateneo Gabay’s former partner public elementary schools include:

  • Barangka Elementary School,
  • Belarmino Elementary School,
  • Teodora Alonzo Elementary School,
  • Tanong Elementary School,
  • Balanti Elementary School,
  • Project 3 Elementary School, and
  • Batino Elementary School.

This year, Ateneo Gabay caters to the Grade 5 and Grade 6 students of Industrial Valley Elementary School and Holy Spirit Elementary School. The Ateneo Center for Educational Development’s scholars come from various schools in Metro Manila—some of which include the Ateneo High School, Miriam College High School, and St. Bridget’s School.


PrepERYA (Preparation for ERYA)

PrepERYA is an activity aimed to orient and inspire both old and new members to be part of the ERYA Program. The activities mainly involve building their skills as tutors as well as providing a situationer for the program itself.

Erya Babad Session

A brief session that orients both the ERYA Kids and their parents with the whole program itself. Serving as the first insertion of the members, it’s also full of tutor-tutee interactions to provide an opportunity for both parties to know each other and encourage active participation.

Erya Insertions (Tutorial sessions)

A series of Saturdays wherein tutors go to the partner schools to teach the students Mathematics and English. 

Parent-Tutor Conference (PTC)

A feedback-giving session wherein tutors meet the parents of their respective tutees to provide a feedback of how the kids are doing in the Erya Formation Program and to assess the impact of the program based on the parents’ responses. 

Erya Synthesis

Erya Synthesis is done in partnership with the Education Operations Committee in order to give context to the members about the Gabay Erya Formation Program.