Year-Long Projects

Code of Administrative Procedures

The Code of Administrative Procedures is a compilation of all administrative services, procedures, and protocols of the organization. This shall be used for proper handling of projects, information dissemination, event documentation and other administrative matters.

Gabay Website

Gabay Website virtually connects the organization to its members, the scholars, and the community within and outside the LS. It presents the organization’s advocacy through the different activities and projects

Code of Internal Procedures (CIP)

The CIP will contain all pertinent policies and procedures of all projects, systems and services of all of the offices and committees of the organization.


Yabag is the official publication of the organization. This will contain articles relevant to the organization and the scholars’ community.

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OSecGen Teams
  • Photo and Video Documentations Team
  • Communications Management Team
  • Graphic Design Team

These are the arms of the Office of the Secretary-General tasked to provide administrative and communication services for the organization.

One-Time Projects

Workshop Week

The Ateneo Gabay Workshop Week aims to provide its members with useful and relevant skills in terms of organizational development and management