Year-Long Projects

Performance Appraisal System

The Performance Appraisal System is a system wherein Ateneo Gabay members can see their active participation in the organization’s efforts and projects with well-documented information.

Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development is a year-long initiative wherein initiatives and efforts are continually formulated to fit the needs of every batch of Gabayanos with the help of the Deputies for Human Resources Management and Development and Batch Representatives. 

Retention Management System

Retention Management System is a work-in-progress system of assessing the active participation of Gabayanos to ascertain their interest and dedication in helping the organization further its advocacy. It is a guide to help the members see where they can help their organization while exceling in their strengths.

One-Time Projects

Recruitment Week

Also known as RecWeek, is a week-long event that serves as an opportunity to recruit Atenean students who are interested with the organization’s advocacy and wants to serve its sectors with us.

Tambay Week

Through fun-filled activities, Tambay Week serves as an avenue for Gabayanos to get to know each other and foster new relationships within our org. It also helps the new members adjust into Gabay’s culture and identity.

Gabay Christmas Party

Christmas Party is the final formal get-together of the org for the first semester. It is an opportunity to recap the organization’s achievements so far, and recognize outstanding members for the semester.

Year-End Party

The Year-End Party serves as the final event to cap off the academic year. It is a chance to look back at the organization’s achievements for the year, and recognize outstanding members. It also serves as an introduction to the next Executive Committee.