One-Time Projects


Bookworms is Ateneo Gabay’s first fundraiser of the year, aiming to generate funds to buy new books for scholars through selling gummies, candies, etc. The fundraiser will run in tandem with Ateneo Scholars’ Week, an event that celebrates scholarship and education.

Book Drive Fundraiser

The second fundraiser geared towards raising funds for books for scholars, the Book Drive Fundraiser will be selling tokens to the Loyola Schools community during the second semester of the school year.


Kits-4-Kids is the first of two fundraisers aimed to generate funds for Gabay’s Erya Insertion Program – specifically for the Erya Alternative Class Program (ACP), a project that brings elementary school students to Ateneo for a day. Pledges and/or sales from this fundraiser will be used to buy Erya kits for the kids which contain basic school supplies such as pencil, paper, pens, etc.


Inspire-A-Kid is the second installment of the Erya fundraisers, with the objective of raising funds for the Erya Graduation, the Erya Insertion Program’s culminating event. Pledges and/or sales from the fundraiser will be used for the kids’ snacks and giveaways during their “graduation”.


Considered to be one of Gabay’s established traditions, Gabay Caroling is a Christmas season fundraising project that fosters a sense of community among Gabayanos old and new. Members of the organization sing Christmas songs for contacts all around Metro Manila in an effort to spread the Christmas spirit and cheer.