Year-Long Efforts

Scholars' Support Group

Scholars’ Support Group (SSG) is a year-long project that aims to help the newest batch of Atenean scholars with their psychosocial adjustment to the college experience through monthly hangouts and semestral plenaries. Each group shall have an upperclassman facilitator to help guide them as they begin their journeys in Ateneo.

While SSG is traditionally offered to Atenean freshman scholars only, Ateneo Gabay recognizes that not all scholars are provided scholarships during their first year. Thus, this year’s SSG will also be catering to new upperclassmen scholars.

Gabby the Scholar

Gabby the Scholar is your friendly online scholar buddy. He disseminates  the latest scholar-related information to the Scholars community. Not only that, he is more than willing to answer all your questions and will help you adjust academically and socially in the Ateneo.

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Kuwentong Scholar

Kuwentong Scholar is a year-long initiative that aims to present to the LS community the varying stories of scholars with the goal of showing the diversity of the scholars community. This year, the personal stories of scholars will be presented through the form of short comics to be posted on Gabby the Scholar’s social media accounts.

One-Time Efforts

Ateneo Scholars' Week

The Ateneo Scholars’ Week (SWeek) is a week-long project for celebrating the gift of scholarship! SWeek brings the Atenean scholars’ community together through different events, activities, and inspiring talks from current and alumni scholars.

This will be happening during the 2nd Semester!

Scholars' Friendship Night

The Scholars’ Friendship Night (SFN) is an event that gives scholars the opportunity to meet and bond with the entire Ateneo scholars’ community. While this is usually held as an independent event, this year the project will be merged with Ateneo Scholars’ Week.