Year-Long Projects


Chill is a weekly group meeting with other Gabayanos facilitated by a Chill head. Following a set of modules, the meetings revolve around themes like reflection, sharing insights, relaxation, and taking the time to escape from the noise of life.

One Big Chill

One Big Chill serves as the culmination of a semester’s worth of Chill sessions. Chill awards are given out while talks and GDs help encapsulate the overall theme of the Chill program.


GaBand is one of the talent pools under the Member Formation Committee. It aims to provide an avenue for members to develop their talents and skills in singing, playing different musical instrument, and performing on stage.

Gabay Awesome Dancers

Gabay Awesome Dancers (GADS) aims to provide an avenue for members to express their passion and their enthusiasm when it comes to dancing.

One-Time Project

Semestral General Assembly

The Semestral General Assembly presents Gabay’s activities and goals for the semester to the organization’s members.

Gabay Orientation Seminar (GOrsem)

The Gabay Orientation Seminar is the introductory event for all the new members where they get to learn about Gabay’s projects, efforts, and advocacy. It’s where they’re officially inducted as Gabayanos.