Gabay Erya Formation Program

The Gabay Erya Formation Program (GEFP) is an initiative that aims to help in enriching the academics of Grade 5 public school students.

More information about the Gabay Erya Formation Program can be found on the main Erya page.

Erya Page

Year-long Efforts

Modules Team

The Modules Team is tasked to create child-friendly and appropriate educational materials in English and Mathematics subjects to be used for the upcoming Erya Sessions.

Erya Hotline (Sem-long)

Erya Hotline is EdOp’s new online initiative. An alternative to the normal Erya insertions, the hotline aims to help the kids in their distance learning through making our channels available for them to reach us. The mode of this hotline will be based on the accessibility of the kids vis-a-sis their learning. Stay tuned!

Data Analysis Team

The Data Analysis Team is tasked to assemble, handle, and manage material and digital data of Erya’s impact to its beneficiaries, and help in assessing the impact and performance of Erya from the data thereof through reports. Because of the online setting, the team will focus on improving their existing knowledge and tools for managing our data.

One-Time Efforts

Donation Drive

Erya Donation Drive is an initiative to raise funds for our Erya kids, whose families were largely affected by the pandemic. Money collected during the initial Donation Drive last April 2020 and a second wave of donations that will happen this September is used to provide our kids with basic school supplies to help in their distance learning and groceries for their families.

Online PrepErya

Our cancelled Erya insertions will not stop us from advocating for the public elementary school kids! Online PrepErya is a week-long webinar for the Gabayanos, especially those who missed out on the insertions, which will introduce us further to Gabay Erya Formation Program and its goals. Erya’s new alternative initiative, Erya Hotline, will also be introduced here.