Year-Long Projects

Book Lending

The Ateneo Gabay Book Lending Service provides scholars and members with academic books they can borrow over the duration of one semester for a maintenance fee of only fifty pesos. Other initiatives under the said service includes the Book Drive and the Book Repair Activity.

AGAPAY Tutoring and Proofreading Program

AGAPAY is the program wherein Gabayanos provide academic tutorials and essay proofreading to any Loyola Schools student in need of it for a minimal fee and/or service hours.

AGAP Mentoring

AGAP Mentoring is the academic counterpart of the Scholars’ Support Group (SSG) that assists freshmen scholars in their college transition.  AGAP Facilitators provide academic support during SSG meetings and free tutorials to freshmen as needed.

Sample Long Exam Lending (SLEx)

The Sample Long Exam provides students access to different copies of previous exams in order to assist them in studying for their academics. 

One-Time Projects

Neofight is the annual orientation seminar given to freshmen scholars. It aims to provide freshmen with tips on how to survive the academic life in the Ateneo. This is accomplished by a series of talks usually given by esteemed professors, administrators, and students.
Academic Session

The Academic Session is a seminar that addresses different concerns regarding the academic scene in the Ateneo in order to help student excel in their respective studies.