The Committees

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Academics Committee (Acad)

The Academics Committee (Acad) is tasked to aid the overall growth of the Ateneo scholars by providing them free academic services, and conducting academic empowerment seminars. As such, the committee is in-charge of the facilitation as well as the improvement of these services and seminars which mainly include planning and conducting necessary organizational arrangements.

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Education Operations Committee (EdOp)

The Education Operations Committee (EdOp) is in charge of handling all projects and services the organization offers to its Erya kids under the Gabay Erya Formation Program and of ensuring that members perform their tasks according to their Erya assignments.

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Scholars' Adjustment Committee (SA)

The Scholars’ Adjustment committee is in charge of overseeing efforts and projects that help the Atenean scholars be adjusted and comfortable in the university environment.

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Member Formation Committee (MemForm)

The Member Formation committee is in charge of handling and overseeing the development and growth of a Gabayano throughout their Gabay experience.

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