The Committees

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Academics Committee (Acad)

The Academics Committee has the constitutional mandate to realize the academic potential of LS Scholars. Its three arms–internal affairs, acad events, and acad resources–work hand in hand to fulfill this mission.

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Education Operations Committee (EdOp)

The Education Operations Committee fulfills Gabay’s advocacy towards public elementary school kids through the implementation of the Gabay Erya Formation Program (GEFP).

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Scholars' Adjustment Committee (SA)

The Scholars Adjustment Committee helps build an informed, active, and engaged LS Scholars’ community by providing projects that contribute to scholars’ psychosocial support in the Ateneo.

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Member Formation Committee (MemForm)

The Member Formation Committee builds on the welfare and development of members into member-advocates through different efforts that cater to one’s personal growth in the organization.

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