Adbokasiya ng Gabay

Alamin ang itinataguyod ng Ateneo Gabay

Advocacy Statement

We are a community that provides opportunities for quality education for our sectors, Atenean scholars and public elementary school students.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are the members? Ateneo Gabay is an organization for scholars, not of scholars. The organization does have initiatives that cater to Atenean scholars, but this does not mean that only the scholars themselves can join. Non-scholars who believe in our advocacy are welcome in Ateneo Gabay.

  2. Who do we serve? We serve the Atenean scholar community and public elementary school students (Erya Kids) — particularly those from Holy Spirit Elementary School and Industrial Valley Elementary School.

  3. How do we serve our sectors? In service to our sectors, we initiate programs catered for their betterment. For example, the Gabay Erya Formation Program, a weekly tutorial class for Grade 5 pupils in mathematics and english, is created for our kids. In addition to that, several scholar adjustment programs, such as Neofight and the Scholar’s Support Group, have been created for our scholar sector.

  4. How does Gabay unify its advocacy to its service? The Ateneo Gabay Advocacy Module was created by SY 2018-2019 Externals Vice President Lea Cabeliza, deputies Lorenzo Lazaro and Igor Garcia, and former deputy Gabriel Arriola. Ateneo Gabay is a reputed scholar’s organization; the organization did provide a family to its members, but there seemed to be little recognition of the real reason behind all our efforts. It was realized that our image should be more than this; we should be seen—and see ourselves—not only as a community, but also as a member the Sector-based cluster that pushes for quality education. As such, the much-needed externalization started from the inside, and the Advocacy Module was created. This module relates our advocacy to all our efforts and contains both its overall and specific integration to different Gabay projects. Through this module, members themselves can have a clear picture of how they contribute to our advocacy. 

View the Advocacy Module Here:

Ateneo Gabay is exerting every effort to instill the value of Gabay’s advocacy in every Gabayano to answer the challenge of going down the hill. Dahil sa panindigang ito, ang Gabayano ay malayang nagtataya.