August 29, 2015

Gabay Week 2015

The stakes have never been this high!

Are you ready to bet your all? Come and test your luck in Gabay Week! Battle it out with the other committees, and see who Fortune ultimately favors.

Previously held as two separate events, namely HAGILAP (History of Ateneo Gabay in Leisure And Practice, a day-long competition that aimed to acquaint new members with their committees and the organization’s history and culture) and Tambay Week (a week-long lounge that sought to promote new bonds between old and new members), Gabay Week combines them into one project in which members, old and new alike, get to know each other and the organization they belong to—its history, culture, and tradition—through team-building and other recreational activities.

Exciting games and activities await you!

The house opens from September 1 to September 4 at the SEC-B Foyer.

See you there, Gabayanos!

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