Studybuddy is an anonymous online forum where students can discuss concepts from all Ateneo subjects. It also contains a search engine for Gabay's Long Exam Database, which students can use in their self-review. Finally, Studybuddy is the only forum in the world where students can earn real money by posting quality answers.

Studybuddy is free for all scholars and Gabayanos.


The Ateneo Gabay Book Lending Service provides scholars and members with academic books they can borrow over the duration of one semester for a maintenance fee of only fifty pesos. Other initiatives under the said service includes the Book Drive and the Book Repair Activity.

With the school year now fully online, this initiative is currently postponed.

Scholars' Card

The Ateneo Scholars' Card is distributed to undergraduate scholars. The card allows them to avail of various promos and discounts from different partner establishments.

Gabby the Scholar

Gabby the Scholar is your friendly online scholar buddy. He disseminates the latest scholar-related information and announcements to the Scholar community. Aside from that, he is a friend you can count on to answer all your questions and will help you adjust academically and socially in the Ateneo!

Gabay Online Store

Coming Soon!


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