ACADs Tayo

Finals week and got nowhere to go? Do not fret, because ACADS Tayo is here to provide scholars a study area where they could study, relax, and mingle with other scholars.

ACADS Tayo is a brand new semestral project by Ateneo Gabay’s Academics Committee. It is a study space for scholars that will potentially be held during midterms week and finals week of each semester. Here, scholars can have a go-to study area where they could stay at whenever they need to. There may also be mini events and activities for relaxation.

We offer a new studying environment that stimulates interest in studying and reviewing for the upcoming finals, snacks and coffee to keep tiredness and hunger at bay, and engaging icebreakers and activities for students to take short breaks from their reviews

Stay tuned at the Ateneo Gabay Facebook Page for the schedule of this semester’s ACADs Tayo!