Year-Long Efforts

Leadership Consultations

Deputies under the President provide individual consultations for project heads and deputies who are having difficulties managing their teams.

MIDLEAF Initiative

Member Integration, Development, and Leadership Formation Initiative or MIDLEAF for short, is the inter-office task force of the Ateneo Gabay, which serves as the primary IC pool of the organization.

One-Time Efforts

Planning and Formation Seminar

The semestral Planning and Leadership Formation Seminars or Planning for short, serve as an avenue to directly involve the members of Ateneo Gabay in planning for the organization’s future direction and projects. These seminars also form the members to be the future leaders of the organization through various leadership-training, commitment-sharing, and capacity-building activities.

Freshman Representative Elections

Representative/s from the freshman batch are elected to serve as the voice of their batch in the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee Elections

The ExeCom Elections determine the next set of officers for the following school year.