Year-Long Efforts

Feedback Management System

The Feedback Management System (FMS) is a brand new initiative that aims to create a more comprehensive evaluation system for the organization’s efforts and human resources. The FMS is comprised of three evaluation forms (one for the participants and two for the core team members) that will assess both the project and the organizer’s performance. The information gathered from these forms will then be recorded in databases that can be used by current and future generations of Gabayanos.

Update Blast Service

As an effort to address the concerns of our sectors regarding internet connection and communication, the Update Blast Service is launched this yyear. The free service aims to let subscribing Ateneo scholars and Gabayanos be informed through periodical text messages about the latest updates about Ateneo Gabay as well as school-wide announcements, memos, and other urgent information released by the university. 

OSG Pools
  • Photo and Video Documentations Team
  • Communications Team
  • Design Team

These are the arms of the Office of the Secretary-General tasked to provide administrative and communication services for the organization.


Yabag is the official publication of the organization. This will contain articles relevant to the organization and the scholars’ community.

Code of Administrative Procedures

The Code of Administrative Procedures is a compilation of all administrative services, procedures, and protocols of the organization. This shall be used for proper handling of projects, information dissemination, event documentation and other administrative matters.

Code of Internal Procedures (CIP)

The CIP will contain all pertinent policies and procedures of all projects, systems and services of all of the offices and committees of the organization.

Gabay Website

Gabay Website virtually connects the organization to its members, the scholars, and the community within and outside the LS. It presents the organization’s advocacy through the different activities and projects