March 22, 2021

Gabayanos zoom through Talent Week 2021

By Frances Ashley Tam, Vanessa Solaña and Jim Ralphealo Mijares

Ateneo Gabay welcomed the second semester with Talent Week 2021 ALPAS. It was held every 5 PM last February 15 to 20, Monday through Saturday,  over Zoom and Facebook Live. The event showcased Gabayanos who excel in visual arts, singing, dancing, and public speaking.

This year’s Talent Week took on the theme of Big Brother. Cassandra Quisay, one of the project heads, said, “We are similarly confined in our homes like the casts of Big Brother and that through Kuya’s tasks, in this case, the asynchronous activities posted on Gabay’s Facebook group,…[Gabayanos] can share their talents and passions with others.”

Quisay also mentioned that the word ‘Alpas’ was chosen to emphasize Talent Week as “a time where we break down barriers in our lives that hinder us from showing who we are and what we are passionate about.” 

One talent was featured for each day. Before the event, the day’s task was posted in the I <3 Ateneo Gabay FB Page and Gabayanos were encouraged to participate with the chance to win a gift certificate.

On its first day, Talent Week 2021 ALPAS was introduced and the house rules for the event were established. Kurt de los Santos, Member Formation Committee Head, then delivered the opening remarks. A question and answer session was held with the event participants about their talents and what they would like to learn.

This was followed by Reyna Bautista and Carl Marcelo’s sharing of experience in GaBand and GADs, respectively. The event closed with performances by GADs and GaBand and a speech by Virgilio Calderon, project head for Talent Week.



The second day’s asynchronous activity with the prompt ‘Quaranthingz’ invited Gabayanos to post their artwork or any art made during the quarantine period. The event opened with a video presentation of visual arts made by Gabayanos. It featured works by Cid Gonzales (“Youth”), Christine Escobar (untitled), and Jirah Rucio (“The Surface”). A game of Skribbl followed, with everyone joining in on drawing and guessing.

"Youth" by Cid Gonzales

“Youth” by Cid Gonzales

Untitled by Christine Escobar

Untitled by Christine Escobar

"The Surface" by Jirah Rucio

“The Surface” by Jirah Rucio

The third day of Talent Week highlighted the musical talent of Gabayanos. Musicians and those gifted in singing and songwriting were recognized. To begin the event, a video compilation featuring performances by Rafael Basbacio, Reyna Bautista, Stephanie Claire Cruz, and Zielle Frances Realda was played. 

After the video presentation, an activity called “Singing Bee” commenced. The participants were divided into two groups and were asked to fill in the blanks to complete the lyrics of the songs played. The group that accumulated the most points wins. Another set of video performances were featured after the activity where Jomar Sta. Maria, Gabbie Laserna, and Danz Valenzuela (with bandmates) displayed their musical talents.

The asynchronous challenge for the fourth day, “Dance With You”, asked Gabayanos to share their dream dance partner and the song they would dance to if given the opportunity. The event began with an icebreaker called “Last Man Standing”—Gabay’s version of “Never Have I Ever”, with questions related to dance.

After, a video compilation of dance performances was presented. The video featured performances by Christopher Rebamba, JD Navarro, Leil Gecalao, and Rodgina Mores. The synchronous activity, “Your Choice, Your Dance”, divided the participants into two groups and asked them to create a group name and cheer with accompanying dance steps. Twenty-five questions related to dance were asked, and each correct answer entitled the group to a move in a game of tic-tac-toe.

The fifth day of Talent Week celebrated the gift of public speaking. To start, a Kahoot game was initiated where questions relating to Gabay and pop culture were asked. Afterward, the asynchronous activity, “Ted Talk”, was introduced and this asked Gabayanos what they would like to discuss in a “Ted Talk”  if they were able to deliver one. 

Once the asynchronous activity was introduced, it was time to showcase the oratorical talents of Gabayanos. A compilation of performances by Jolo Carreon, Cassandra Quisay, and Lorenz Acebedo (JLo) exhibited their talents in dubbing and narrating respectively. 

To close the event, a game called “Wheel of Drama” was introduced. In this game, two wheels were spun. The first contained a line of dialogue, and the second, different emotions. The goal of the game was for participants to read their given line in the given emotion and a voting system took place to determine the winner. 

The culminating event for Talent Week was held on Saturday. This day mostly consisted of games and awarding of asynchronous activity winners. To begin, an icebreaker called “Dicebreaker” was commenced.

A die was virtually rolled and participants were asked to answer a question that corresponded to their die number. The winners for the week-long asynchronous activities were announced awarded their Grab gift certificates.

The final game that capped off Talent Week was “Gabay Jeopardy”. The game had five categories: visual, music, dance, public speaking, and Ateneo Gabay. A correct answer merited points while an incorrect one leads to a dare. The game was followed by the announcement of the second batch of winners for the remaining asynchronous activities. 

As the program neared its end, special performances from GADs and GaBand were featured. Afterward, a speech was given by Virgilio Calderon as closing remarks.

Talent Week served as a reminder of the talent and power Gabayanos possess. In the words of Cassandra Quisay, “Talent Week recognizes that Gabayanos and even the scholar community do not only excel in their academics, as what they are stereotypically seen, but they are also talented individuals fueled up by their passion for something.” Truly, Talent Week 2021 Alpas broke barriers and showcased the capabilities of Gabayanos.

Talent Week Day 6 Participants

Talent Week was made possible by Kurt delos Santos, Liecel Cenizal, Cass Quisay, Lio Calderon, Rona Simbajon, Bernard Yumul, Jolo Carreon, Mariz Dela Cruz, Vikay Macandog, Kaye Saycon, Precious Nicolas, Ella Alabastro, Cedric Cortez, Pat Ludovice, Gabby Bernardo, and TJ Alcantara.

Talent Week 2020-2021 Core Team

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