November 11, 2020

Batch 44 Elects 2020 FREPs

By Ambross Sumaylo and Jim Ralphaelo Mijares

With Recweek and individual consultations over, Gabay has now welcomed its newest batch of member advocates – Batch 44, marking the 44 years that Gabay and its Gabayanos have undergone its oath of pagtataya for Ateneo scholars and public elementary school students.

After this warm welcome, it was time once again for new Gabayanos to take on the challenge of greater service by running to be freshmen representatives (FREPs) for their batch. This process started with the nominations of prospective freshmen and on October 7, 77 freshmen were nominated.

On October 8, these freshmen were invited to attend the Freshmen Discernment Talk designed to give the nominees a glimpse into the life and responsibilities of an FREP in Ateneo Gabay. Hosted by LJ Dimalanta, a deputy under the Office of the President, the talk also featured three previous Freshman representatives who talked and shared about their experiences.

First up were the three previous FREPs of Batch 43 – JD Navarro, Ambross Sumaylo and Eunice Torralba, all of whom are now serving as deputies under respective offices and committees. They shared their memories serving as FREPs and gave insight as to why they stayed committed to serving the Gabayanos. All three credited the FREP experience for teaching them the value of responsibility and service, and giving them fond memories with each other and their fellow batchmates.

Then the Interior Vice President of Gabay, Jihannah Genova, took the stage to talk about her own Gabay and FREP story. She shared the evolution of her pagtataya and growth within the organization and as an FREP. She inspired the nominees with the tales of her challenges while serving and how she ultimately overcame them. In the end, she encouraged the freshmen nominees to take the risk and reassured them of the immense benefits that the experience brings despite the difficulties it entails.

Following the discernment talk, 7 freshmen accepted the nomination and decided to run for freshman representative. They were then given the opportunity to launch their campaigns and share their platforms to their batchmates within the span of October 10 to October 13. Afterwards, an online election took place wherein results were to be released the week after.

Upon tabulation of the votes, Batch 44 has decided to elect Lea Mari Espiritu, Harvey Felipe and Willy Santos as their three FREPs. The three will now work together with the office of Ms. Genova to fulfill their projects and responsibilities as newly elected FREPs of Batch 44. 

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