October 17, 2020

GOrSem 2020: Zenith goes above and beyond in welcoming newbie Gabayanos

By Jihannah Genova and Jim Ralphaelo Mijares

Newbie Gabayanos were taken on a fun-filled Ateneo Gabay experience in this year’s Gabay Orientation Seminar (GOrSem) 2020: Zenith which was held last September 28 until October 3 via Facebook Live in the official Gabay Facebook group. GOrSem was led by project heads Kiara Quintana and Mikaela Mercado.

The week-long event kicked off with an opening program which introduced Gabay’s offices and committees. Jubert Calamba, Gabay president, shared his warm opening remarks for incoming and current Gabayanos. Afterwards, Jihannah Genova, internal vice president, discussed Gabay’s organizational structure from the four committees that make up the general assembly down to the 10 members of Gabay’s Executive Committee. This presentation gave way to the introduction of each of the five offices in the Executive Board.

Once all five Executive Board members were finished with their short introduction of their respective offices, Noelle Cubacub and Kailo Bigcas, the event’s hosts, engaged the viewers with some icebreaker challenges where they silently mouthed secret words for the viewers to guess. These words served as a clue to the next portion of the opening program, the introduction of the four committees and their committee heads. One by one, the committee heads took turns to explain the projects under their committees and also took the chance to invite newbie Gabayanos to join their family. 

The opening event ended but the GOrSem festivities were nowhere near finished. As early as 12 pm of the next day, Academics Committee (ACAD) Head, Raver de Guzman greeted the official Ateneo Gabay facebook group a “Happy Acad Day” as it is the start of the 4-day committee takeover. 

Each day starting September 29, all four committees of Ateneo Gabay were featured using various online materials. All of the five committee heads led their committee takeovers by posting similar but also very different contents over the next four days. ACAD Head Raver de Guzman further introduced the different Acad projects while Member Formation Committee (MF) Head Kurt de los Santos posted a video of MF members sharing their MF stories.

Education Operations Committee (EdOp) Heads Jim Mijares and Millicent Cabildo also joined in on the fun by posting a short Grade 5 lesson quiz to show the lessons taught in Erya and Scholars’ Adjustment Committee (SA) Head Mika Tuason asked Gabayanos which SA projects fit their personality.

Before the last day of the committee takeovers ended, newbie Gabayanos were asked to answer a short form for their final committee pick and evaluations for GOrSem. This form was sent ahead of the closing ceremony on October 3 as each committee had a breakout session for bonding and games. By the end of the breakout sessions, EdOp was held as the committee with the highest cumulative game points. The committee sorting process is not yet complete but as of October 3, 106 new members joined EdOp. 35 joined ACAD, 37 for MF and 85 members for the SA Committee. 

GOrSem 2020: Zenith ended with encouraging words from its project heads. Newbie Gabayanos who were not able to formally pick their committees are still encouraged to answer the link provided during GOrSem or approach any Executive Committee member. 

GOrSem was made possible through the efforts of its core team: Jacq Lapira and Gina Mores for programs, Klei Borja for secretariat work, Ady Gatdula for logistics work, Aiden Gattud for promos and Rica Gutierrez for finance.

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