October 4, 2020

Gabay Enchants 371 New Member-advocates with its 2020 Recweek: “Halina”

By Ambross Sumaylo and Jim Ralphealo Mijares

Ateneo Gabay enchanted  the Ateneo community and added more member-advocates to the family with its very own “Halina” as part of this year’s COA Recweek 2020: Coalesce, which ran from September 12-26. The effort was headed by its project heads, Gabrielle Galvez and Ambross Sumaylo.

Halina, with it’s hashtags #HalinaSaGabay and #Halina’tMahalinaSaGabay, showcased the organization’s advocacy and provided an inside look to the Gabayano experience. This two-week affair pushed Gabay’s 2020 vision with its multiple efforts that are tailored to adapt to the unique challenges we face given the current situation. 

COA Recweek 2020: Coalesce, with its hotel theme symbolizing the different organizations opening its doors to welcome the students of the Ateneo, officially started on September 12 with the launch of the COA Recweek website. This was created to cater to students this time of quarantine. This was then followed by a series of Call of Duty (COD) game nights and talks from different speakers, like iconic Ateneo Women’s Volleyball team former player Gretchen Ho, who enthusiastically shared about her Ateneo org life journey.

In Gabay’s part, the first week recruitment efforts were heavily done through the release of pubmats done in collaboration with Gabay’s own Visual Branding team whose work of art encapsulated Gabay’s charm throughout the Recweek period.  

Posters by Hilary Capistrano & Angeline Destacamento

Then Recweek project heads capped off the week with an appearance in Radyo Katipunan’s program, in partnership with COA, entitled “Kuwentong MVP” where they spoke about personal experiences about the Ateneo org life and Gabay’s own activities for Recweek.

Gabay then started the second week of Recweek with a sorting talk show event, “So Ano Na?”, hosted by Jeremy Albert “Emeng” Gusi and Gabay’s Interior Vice President, Jihannah “Jegs” Genova. The show used polls where the viewers can answer in real time to choose which video they would watch next. The videos, crafted by Gabay’s documentations team, featured testimonies from different org members, scholars, Gabay alumni and an Erya kid.

The entire Recweek was capped off with a three-day Gabay memory initiative where current members were encouraged to post three pictures about their Gabay journey.

By the end of Recweek, Gabay’s “Halina” was able to welcome 371 new member-advocates across the different batches ready to take on their pagtataya with Ateneo Gabay this school year 2020-2021.

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