September 21, 2020

Brand new Salubong welcomes first year scholars home from home

By Isabel Mikaela A. Salsona and Lyka Janelle Pacleb

Freshmen scholars caught their first glimpse of the Atenean scholar life through various talks and breakout sessions in Salubong 2020: Carve Your Chronicle, held last September 5, 7, and 8 via Facebook Live.

The three-day event had the themes “Once Upon A Time,” “Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust: The Scholar’s Toolbox,” and “Traverse Over the Horizons,” respectively.

Office of Admission and Aid’s (OAA) Director Dr. Jose Maria Edito Tirol and Scholarship Officer Samantha Logarta opened the program by introducing their office’s services and discussing the different scholarship requirements.

Dr. Ma. Luz Vilches, the Vice President for the Loyola Schools, also extended her warm welcome to the freshmen. 

Scholars’ Support Group (SSG) project heads Allysa Bernardino and Mia Salvania introduced the scholars to their SSG by the end of the first live broadcast. The students then met with their groups during the breakout sessions on the first two days.

For Salubong’s second day, Ateneo Gabay’s Executive Committee discussed the background and activities of the organization. President Jubert Calamba discussed Gabay’s history and advocacy, while Tuason, the Scholars’ Adjustment Committee Head, and Raver de Guzman, the Academics Committee Head, presented the organization’s scholar services.

The last day featured professors Arvin Boller and Flordeliza Francisco as key speakers.  Boller gave tips on how to survive college from a professor’s viewpoint, while Francisco oriented the scholars to the fundamentals of Ateneo Math. 

Upperclassmen students Jhorcen Mendoza, Pamela Serrano, and Jihannah Genova also shared their experiences as scholars. Mendoza and Serrano discussed navigating Ateneo’s learning management systems, while Genova tackled other academic programs in a scholar’s perspective, such as minoring and Junior Term Abroad. 

On his feelings about the event, project head Geco Dioqiuno said,  “No matter how hard a task is, as long as you do it in service to other people, it will always be worth it.”

Meanwhile, John Dave Darrel Navarro, also one of Salubong’s project heads, expressed his hopes as the project came to a close. “I pray that the freshmen scholars enjoyed the event and hope that they felt the love we put into it,” he said.

Salubong 2020: Carve Your Chronicle had about 150 attendees per day. Mendoza and Cassandra Quisay were the event’s hosts.

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