November 22, 2019

Bookworms underway, raises funds in SWEEK 2019

Written by Aaliyah Sangueza, and Tom Binbinon

Ateneo Gabay launched its annual Bookworms at the Doghouse in Scholars’ Week: Extend. The project sold a variety of gummy candies from October 21 to 25, 2019. 

Bookworms is one of Gabay’s fundraisers for Gabay’s Book Lending Service. The service aims to help Ateneans who cannot afford the books they need for their classes by letting them borrow from Gabay’s book collection.   

Axirazel Lorenzo, one of the project heads, expressed his thoughts on the preparations for the project. “While we only had one core meeting, it was nice to see how the core members were actively doing their tasks and helping the other members as well,” he said.

Despite the limited planning time and busy schedules, Lorenzo claimed the event to be a success, stating that it met several of their success indicators. “We were able to call many volunteers and…raise the necessary funds. But, more than these quantitative measures of success was the story behind these numbers,” he added.

Lorenzo concluded that Bookworms was able to raise the funds needed to buy books for Gabay’s Book Lending Service, and emphasized the role that Ateneans played in the success of the project. “The money that was raised was a reflection of how there were Ateneans who are more than willing to support the project,” he said. “Also, the active participation of volunteers is a sign of their willingness to know Gabay and share its advocacy.”

In the duration of Bookworms, Atenean students, scholars and non-scholars alike, supported the fundraising. Ralph Garcia, a freshman, gave his thoughts about the event. “It is good, the gummies are packed in an eco-friendly bag instead of plastic, and it tastes good like other gummies,” he said.

Garcia was able to purchase gummies and to pick a book that he would like to dedicate it for. When asked how he felt about the fundraising event, he said, “I think it is a success, and I think Gabay can continue this fundraising project for the next few years.”

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