September 18, 2019

RecWeek 2019 tallies 420 new Gabayanos

By Reisha Ferraren and Jim Mijares

QUEZON CITY – Ateneo Gabay had a strong start to the school year after gaining 420 neophyte Gabayanos in the Council of Organizations in the Ateneo (COA) Recruitment Week 2019: Orbit (RecWeek), held at the Red Brick Road last August 28-30, 2019.

Of the 420 new Gabayanos, 279 are freshies, 99 are sophomores, 29 are juniors, and 13 are seniors and superseniors. 

This year, Gabay’s theme was Genesis, aiming to shine a spotlight on the Gabayano’s beginning and development in the organization.  Raver de Guzman, one of the project heads of RecWeek, told Yabag that Genesis was a conscious choice for the new beginning that Gabay provides to its new members. 

“Ultimately,” de Guzman adds, “signing up for Gabay in RecWeek marks a person’s genesis as a member-advocate.” .

One of the Gabayano applicants was William Pioquinto of 2 BS Psychology, who just became a financial aid scholar this year. When asked why he wanted to join Ateneo Gabay, Pioquinto answered that he hopes to widen his horizons and meet new people.

Another aspiring Gabayano was Hannah Mikaela Simbulan of 1 AB European Studies, who learned about Ateneo Gabay through the organization’s website. She knew ERYA beforehand and it encouraged her to apply for Ateneo Gabay as she desires to help the youth through advocating for quality education. “I look forward to going out,” she added. The Gabay ERYA Formation Program is one of the flagship projects of the organization aimed to aid in the development of public elementary school kids.

Frederick Gutierrez, Jr. of 1 BS/M Applied Mathematics with Specialization in Finance, joined Ateneo Gabay because he wanted to help others through tutoring. “Ateneo Gabay caters more to the people who are in need,” Gutierrez said as he cited the book lending and tutorial services offered by Ateneo Gabay as examples on how Ateneo Gabay helps the Ateneo community.

Last year, only 250 applicants applied for Ateneo Gabay. This year’s RecWeek 2019: Genesis team is composed of Raver de Guzman, Jihannah Genova, Emerson Mananquil, and Catherine Golles. Giulia Lopez and Abie Bungay were in charge for promos. Millicent Cabildo headed the documentations team. Bernard Yumul was the team’s finance officer.

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