April 26, 2019

Commemorating the Chill Carnival

By: Rainier Sy

This semester’s carnival-themed Chill sessions culminated with One Big Chill— a party that was held last April 12, 2019 at Gonzaga 304. True to its theme, the party engaged its participants with games and prizes. The games came in the form of icebreakers and group dynamics that aimed to channel the friendships of the participants and enliven the party. This included a team eating contest, a team relay, and a team song guessing. The winning teams were awarded food prizes which they shared to the rest of the teams after taking their first picks.

Speeches and sharings about the Chill sessions and Chill as a whole also transpired in the party. The speakers and sharers talked about how Chill simultaneously provided opportunities of making new friends, resting from stress, receiving help, and growing as Gabayanos for them.

Certificate awarding and picture taking were the concluding events in the party. All Chill heads and members received personalized certificates crafted by their team heads or other members of their teams. Each team also had their pictures taken on the party stage. Finally, all participants joined in a group picture to close Chill on a good note.

The Chill carnival may have come to a close, but the memory of the icebreakers, group dynamics, food, speeches, sharings, certificates, and pictures that happened in its One Big Chill will continue to commemorate and rekindle the friendships formed and strengthened through Chill for a long time to come.

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