February 26, 2019

Gabayanos Attend First GA, Angkan Sorting

By: Sab Salsona

QUEZON CITY—The Ateneo Gabay held the members’ first General Assembly (GA) for the second semester on February 1, 2019 at PLDT-CTC (PLDT-Convergent Technologies Center) room 118. The organization’s various projects were presented and new members were sorted into the four Gabay Angkans.

After the opening remarks by Gybel Agregado, Ateneo Gabay’s President. Lea Cabeliza, the Externals Vice President, reintroduced Ateneo Gabay’s advocacy for Atenean scholars and the Erya kids. She put placed forward the organization’s projects for the second semester, which will give Gabayanos several opportunities to respond to the said advocacies.

Lea Cabeliza introducing Ateneo Gabay’s advocacy statement to the General Assembly

Jubert Calamba, the Erya project head, encouraged the members to participate in the weekly tutoring for Erya Kids. Project heads Noelle Cubacub and Eunice Tejada explained CHILL to the attendees, which, in relation to Gabay’s advocacies, will cater to the members’ formation.

During the latter half of the program, new Gabayanos were sorted into their Angkan. After two rounds of games, old members welcomed them into Dikaiosyni, Dynami, Pallikaria, and Synesi. These teams will be mainly for the semester-long sportsfest, but will also be their family for the rest of their stay in Gabay.

Group dynamics were also held in order to build camaraderie between attendees; teams were decided by committee (Academic, Education Operations, Member Formation, and Scholars ‘ Adjustment).

With the GA, Gabay hopes that more of their members will participate because of their advocacies. While the friendly competition between Angkans aims to catch the Gabayanos’ interest in Gabay’s projects, it will not be able to replace the efforts that stem from pagtataya.

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