February 14, 2019

Ateneo Gabay conducts its Midyear Formation and Planning Seminar, welcomes 2019 with bolder pagtataya

By: JB Tibig

QUEZON CITY and CALAMBA, LAGUNA – Ateneo Gabay conducted a Formation and Planning Seminar as part of its Midyear Planning last January 17-19, 2019 at two separate venues; the Colayco Pavilion during Day 1 and Nicole’s Place in Calamba, Laguna during Days 2 to 3.

The first day started with an ice breaker activity wherein the participants created clay figures while blindfolded. It was then followed by presentations about the National Situationer and Gabay Situationer to give the participants a proper predisposition before the planning activities. The highlight of the day was the World Café activities where the participants closely and exhaustively evaluated different aspects of Gabay’s organizational and leadership development. In addition to this, the participants provided suggestions as to how Gabay’s project management can be further improved.

During day two, the executive committee, along with the members, headed out to Calamba, Laguna for the remaining days of the event. After settling down from the 2-hour travel, the participants engaged with the final World Café activity concerning the Gabay Erya Formation Program (GEFP). After which, a plenary discussion was moderated by Darwin Tesion to synthesize the takeaways from the said activity. The main discussion point raised was about the goal and direction of the GEFP. The participants explained that two directions may be explored: the GEFP as an enrichment program or a scholarship formation program for the Erya kids.

In the afternoon, the participants rediscovered the advocacies and sectors of Gabay. This was done through a GD activity where they collaboratively drew an image portraying Gabay’s sectors. Eventually, they were asked to form Gabay’s mission statement by reflecting on the image and rethinking the org’s advocacies and sectors. After this, the participants faced the project pitch activity which tested their project management knowledge, creativity and innovation. The participants were divided into groups and assigned different projects or processes that they need to revamp or improve. Each of the groups presented their project pitch ideas before a panel composed of Gabay ExeComm members. The winning group worked on Gabay’s External Communications. The winners proposed the usage of Gabay’s logo (with Jesus Christ holding hands with a child) as inspiration for the org’s branding and publication materials.

After dinner, the groups’ teamwork was tested through an amazing race activity. The Academics Committee group were announced as champions of the activity. The night was capped off by the social nights where the participants and ExeCom members enjoyed each other’s company after a long day of activities.

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Day 3 started with a synthesis activity where the participants were asked to write what they aspired Gabay to achieve and to reach out for them eventually. Then, the papers were placed at a considerable distance from a circle where the participants were positioned. The participants’ teamwork was tested as they struggled in reaching out for their papers. The activity emphasized the importance of teamwork and camaraderie in achieving the goals of the organization. After this, Gybel Agregado, the president of Gabay for AY 2018-2019 delivered her State of Organizational Address (SOGA). Here, she recounted her journey as Gabay’s president and acknowledged the dedication of her fellow executive committee members and deputies. In addition to this, she expressed her gratitude to all the Gabayanos who made the first semester projects possible. The highlight of Agregado’s speech was her promise to strive for a bolder form of pagtataya as she leads the implementation of the Gabay’s second semester projects.
The event concluded with a commitment sharing activity where the participants shared their reasons for their pagtataya and expressed their commitment to the org for the coming semester. This was followed by the heartfelt singing of the Gabay song dedicated to the 3G seniors who will graduate this year.

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