September 12, 2018

#SumabaySaBrgyGabay: Ateneo Gabay gains 325 members during RecWeek 2018: Expressions

With people dancing to Drake in unicorn onesies, neon posters and golden confetti, and of course with the line of booths and mascots of over 50 organizations in Ateneo—RecWeek 2018: Expressions became a locus of hype and activity during the last week of August. RecWeek, or Recruitment Week, was conducted by the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo (COA) and was held at the MVP Center for Student Leadership Roofdeck from August 24 and 28-31, 2018. The event sought to promote the 53 organizations in Ateneo to prospective members. Booth attendants of each organization wave pamphlets and cardboard cutouts of their logos, and do different gimmicks to attract the eye of new students (especially this year’s batch of freshmen) looking for avenues to discover their passions and advocacy.

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On the far left of MVP Roofdeck, a splash of bright green and pictures of smiling school kids would catch one’s attention. And if that doesn’t, then the spiel of Cid Gonzales, Ateneo Gabay’s Secretary General, just might: “Join Ateneo Gabay! Advocate for quality education, we have free registration!” Ateneo Gabay, in its campaign of #SumabaySaBrgyGabay, advertises and capitalizes on its member formation and “giving back” through quality education; especially through area insertions, and projects like tutorials and book lending. Freshman students like Reyna Bautista, who signed up with her friends, commented on the “welcoming atmosphere” of Gabay and “looked forward” to its programs.

Ateneo Gabay garnered 325 new members (of which 248 are freshmen) for the whole 5 days of RecWeek. The organization has also renewed 98 of its members, thus the total being 423 members.

Gabay’s RecWeek project would not have been possible had it not been for the dedication and supervision of its Core Team, which was headed by Glecy Canonoy and Abi Madlangbayan, along with Emmelle Petalver and Richmond Rodriguez handling logistics and volunteers; Shaina Gimao and Gwyneth Magdamit managing promo designs; and Ana de Duque as secretariat.

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