September 14, 2018

Gabayanos Seek New Paths with Newbies at GOrSem 2018

By: Krisia Denise Misa

After a fulfilling Neofight 2018, newly registered Gabayanos joined the Gabay Orientation Seminar (GOrSem) last September 1, 2018 at Colayco Pavilion as a start of their journey towards solidarity with Gabay through service and pagtataya.

Under the theme of Hotel Transylvania, newbies grooved and jived with the hosts of the program, Cid Gonzales and Kath Esmama, with renewed sets of energy. After the icebreaker, project head Yoj Gaviola opened up with a few welcoming remarks to the newbies about how Gabay will try its best to be their second home. After his speech, different Gabay projects were introduced, from the Office of the President up to the Office of Finance to the newbies as to give them insights and pools for them to develop not only as Gabayanos, but also as blue-blooded Ateneans.

After the project presentations, Gaband and Gabay Awesome Dancers performed, showcasing the variety of talents which may be honed or taught to the newbies. The activity became interactive when some of the newbies joined in showing either their musical talents or their talents in dancing. Succeeding this was the start of varying group dynamics such as the trust walk and trust fall, which garnered excitement and interest from the members.

The day ended with all the Gabayanos, new and old, joining hands while singing the Gabay song, which both introduced and reminded everyone about the importance of the members to Gabay and in strengthening its nature as a sector-based organization.

The success of this event would not have been possible if not for the efforts of the project heads, Yoj Gaviola and Alfonso Abella,  along with their core team members: Lorenzo Lazaro as Secretariat, Tettsuya Wada for Logistics, Jubert Calamba for Finance, Richmond Rodriguez and Guigui Acena for Promos.

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