September 22, 2018

Flavors of Tambay Week: the Four-Course Gabayano Experience

By: Lance Ting


Ateneo Gabay’s Tambay Week, held at the Gabay Room (MVP 215) from September 3 to 7, 2018, brought old and new members together to create new memories and share old ones as well with one another.  Gabay’s tagline for this year’s RecWeek was “Sumabay sa Barangay Gabay”, inviting new members to experience what it is like to be in Gabay. Through RecWeek, members were intrigued by what Barangay Gabay has to offer its members. Through Tambay Week, members would get a taste of what Barangay Gabay can be for them. So what did Gabay serve to its members during Tambay Week?  Here is a detailed look at the four-course meal that its members got to experience during Tambay Week.

Soup: Movies and Chill

To start off the course, members were greeted to a variety of movies. Choices of apocalyptic comedy, superhero tragedy, secretive super spy, and many more were available for viewing. MVP 215 was transformed into a mini theatre for the enjoyment of its members. Critical analysis of the movies helped members bond with each other as they shared what suits their taste or not.   

Appetizer: IC galore

Older members would almost always skip this course, called individual consultation (IC), for they would want to save their palate for the other courses, but for most, even a small number of older members, the appetizer is a must for anyone new to Gabay. Due to how important this course is to new members, only the Executive Committee and batch representatives of the organization were allowed to create such a dish. To more than 300 new members of Gabay, this course would be the first time they would have an overall idea of what Gabay is. The dish consisted of an overview of Gabay’s advocacy, its sectors, an overview of the committees, and what the new members are to expect in the coming months.

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Main Course: GDs, Card games, Songs, and Stories

The main dish for Tambay Week was specially made for occasions such as this one. Special arrangements were made to make this dish as flavourful as possible. The need for old members was essential for this course to work. Their knowledge of Mao, Uno, Pusoy Dos, and Werewolf helped spark the eagerness for new members to join in. If group dynamics (GDs) isn’t a Gabayano’s thing, an alternative dish would be the songs played and sang during Tambay Week. The GDs were the stepping stone to the main flavour of the dish: the kuwentuhan. The most interesting stories are brought up when asked about, and through Tambay Week, these stories emerge.  Gabay gives an atmosphere for people to feel like they are in a family. There is a place for everyone in Gabay no matter where you came from or whatever background you have.  This feeling of family exists because of the little stories people share with one another during lunch, dinner, card games, movies, jamming sessions, studying, and many more.

Dessert: Lunch?

Dessert is optional but sometimes the most sought-after course of the meal. The sweetest memories are made after the main course. Being a Gabayano is welcome to all and would give some of the best experiences in an Atenean’s college life. However, just like a dessert, the choice is up to members whether they are willing to take that chance (or as we Gabayanos would like to say, magtaya) for Gabay. To be active in Gabay is not as easy as one thinks: there would be a lot of work in Gabay, a lot of responsibilities and occasional burnouts, but a lot of friends will have Gabayanos’ backs during their stay.

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