February 11, 2018

Let the Games Begin!

By Lance Ting

The second Gabay General Assembly brought elements of the past, present, and future to the stage with many various activities that surprised its members.

Gabayanos were visited by the past as well as the future when Gabay President, Angel Aranas, explained his office’s efforts at improving our constitution for the future of Gabay. Participating in the General Assembly was crucial in the passing and implementation of the
new constitution that took years of research, revisions, and countless hours of meetings to improve the future of Gabay.

The present projects and efforts of Gabay are nothing without its members. Knowing this, the CHILL and Erya heads gave a sneak peak to Gabayanos of what to expect in this semester’s CHILL and ERYA. Smiles and laughs were a constant sight as members guess their mystery CHILL heads. Inspiring stories came from the ERYA heads to encourage the members to join ERYA, which is the weekly tutoring services we provide to our partner schools, and experience for themselves why ERYA is something to look forward to.

After all the talking, Gabay’s favourite GD, human bingo, was used to set the all familiar mood of chaos with a dash of competitive spirit and team work of the Angkan season. Everyone was frantically looking for signatures to complete their signature sheets to gain points for their Angkans. Even the new members were filled with competitive spirit to accomplish their signature sheet despite having no Angkan at that time.

In the heat of the moment, the lights went off and a video played amidst the chaos. A video showing this year’s Angkan theme played an epic short
of Katana samurais and monks. ShogAngkan was this year’s theme, inspired by the shogun period of Japan’s history and its epic power struggle of the great clans. The video ended and the awaited sorting of the new members commenced.

The invigorating shout of each Angkan chanting their Angkan’s name as the new members lined up to decide their fate in Gabay is
indescribable. It felt like an Ateneo vs La Salle game where the audiences shouted their team’s name. Each new member was given a paper crane after answering a series of deciding questions. To the last new member the excitement of the old members to see who their new comrades were remained the same.

At last, the last new member received his paper crane and the revelation of their Angkan was announced. The cranes contained an image that represented the meaning of each Angkan. A Katana for the courageous Pallikaria, Scroll for the wise Synesi, tea set for the just Dikayosini, and a bow for the powerful Dynami. All new members were sorted and the fight for first has finally commenced with the first GD of the year. Gabayanos were
asked to use their communication skills as well as the memory of the older members to chronologically align the pictures of Gabay events.

In the end, everyone got the same points except for Dynami who had mistakes in the GD. The next GD was a singing bee and the song
was the Gabay song. It required the old members to teach the new members, and even some old members, the lyrics to the Gabay song. The atmosphere of the room drastically changed, the chaotic feeling of the human bingo was completely replaced with harmonious teamwork among old and new members trying to memorize the song.

There were mistakes from all the angkans but in the end everyone had the same number of points except for Dynami who was off by 1 point. At the end of the GA, Synessi takes the lead for ShogAngkan followed by Palikaria, then Dikayosini and last but not the least Dynami. The placing of the Angkans is exactly identical to last year’s placing, but the games have only just begun and the tide of war can change drastically in the next few months. Only time will tell which Angkan takes the seat of the shogun.

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