January 15, 2018

Gabay Christmas Party 2017: Tala

By Lance Ting
Originally published on December 25, 2017
On the much anticipated day of December 9, 2017, Tala, this year’s name for Gabay’s Christmas Party, culminates the first semester of projects and efforts with games, awarding, dinner, and performances by Gabayanos.
The final day of a stressful hell week, for most, hell month, is greeted with a small silver Christmas tree flickering its fragile petal-like leaves with the colours of Christmas. Members gather around the tiny Christmas trees, designed by our very own Migs Ignacio, set on their tables with the sound of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and other various singers (except Jose Mari Chan because it kept on getting skipped) filling the air as their hosts, the reserved and lovely Julia Agida and the bembang king Alex Retona, liven up the crowd for the programs ahead.
Classic party games, such as the bring me game, and some new and equally fun games, kept the members entertained with prizes from our unofficial sponsor: Johnson’s. People’s efforts to step up and make their mark in Gabay’s history were recognized that night.
On a lighter note, the People’s Choice Awards which featured member achievements, such as “koreaboo”, “Gabay crush”, “King of gamses”, “Amag ng Gabay”, and many more, brought a night of laughter and cheers.
A surprise visit from alumni Gabayanos really made the night extra special especially for the graduating batch as they remember recent memories with their ates and kuyas. Luckily, the food was just enough for the unexpected but always welcomed visitors of Gabay.
No Gabay Christmas Party is complete without its carollers carolling for the Gabay community. The sounds of Filipino Christmas songs silenced the crowd with its rich sounds and mesmerizing voices, reminding everyone that the season of Christmas has finally started.
A short but special amazing race was held to bring the event to a close. Members gathered star fragments that, when formed together by all of the groups, depicts pictures of past Gabay Christmas Parties (GCP). Aside from star fragments, parts of the giant parol were also obtained to form a giant start parol designed and created by Migs Ignacio.
Like any amazing race, or RPG video game, these pieces were not handed out so easily. Members had to accomplish different objectives given by the station managers. Some examples of these challenges included the exact amount of things a person would receive during the 12 days of Christmas, or singing a classic Christmas song in 3 different genres to the station manager’s satisfaction.
Difficult tasks, but a rewarding end, though no Johnson’s prize for anyone, the theme of this year’s GCP was voiced out as planned which was that everyone was connected in some way or another. The GCP ended with the traditional Gabay song with the alumnus joining in the singing. GCP is truly a night of bonding and formation of new connections between members of both old and new members.

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