September 12, 2017

Tambay Week 2017: Finding a Family in Gabay

By: Miguel Ignacio

After the new Gabayanos were welcomed to Gabay, the next part of their journey came with the long-running tradition of many orgs, the annual Tambay Week. Held in the allotted space of Gabay in the org room, it provided a setting for Gabayanos to relax and unwind, as well as get to know the old members. Throughout the day, members would drop by the room to watch movies, play games, study, and have a snack all while making new friends.

The event’s theme, “Finding the Lost Empire,” followed the trend of the recent Gabay events like RecWeek and GOrSem, alluding to the “journey” of Gabayanos as they get to know the organization more.

The room would often be full of Gabayanos eating snacks and playing card games, with many a call for rounds-of-names as new and old members alike got acquainted with one another. Group games like “Werewolf”, “Resistance”, “Uno”, “Poker”, and the national card game of Gabay, “Bridge”, were crowd favorites, giving the the room a noisy, albeit vibrant atmosphere as the Gabayanos played to almost no end. Every few hours they would form a circle and constantly shout at each other as the games tested their wit, trust, and skills against that of their fellow orgmates.

“I like how it’s so chill lang, you can just join anything. Like kanina, I just came in and sat down, and now I’m playing a game.”, says Louise Janelle “LJ” Dimalanta, a 1st year AB History student and new member of Gabay.

Despite the event officially ending at 5:00 PM every day, it wasn’t uncommon for the room to be full until the 7:30 PM closing time.

The event also had a lineup of movies, some alluding to the adventure theme of the event with films like “Moana”, “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”, and “The Road to El Dorado”, and some by popular request like “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “John Wick: Chapter 2”. Despite the event area being relatively small, the members were able to enjoy each other’s’ company and take a break from the stresses of school life.

The reasons Gabayanos value Tambay Week vary. For Anfernee “Penny” Bonifacio, a 5th year AB COM major and popular sight in the org room, he attends to savor his time with his fellow Gabayanos before he graduates. “Gusto ko yung nakasama ko ‘yung maraming Gabayanos na alam kong baka di ko na makasama uli,” he says.

[“I like that I’m with a lot of Gabayanos that I know I probably won’t be able to hang out with as much in the future.”]

To some, Tambay Week is getting to know the new family that is Gabay. Nikka Reyes, a new member from AB IS says, “Tambay week made me realize that amongst a tiny crowd of happy faces, being swamped in roaring laughter which was coupled with few comical antics from the equally unique members of the group, it was remarkable how the energy was flowing in this room, and I found it rather infectious. I suppose that this is what they say when it runs in the family.”

In Tambay Week, the Gabayanos get new chances for first impressions on the new members, branding themselves as wisecracks, overly-competitive players, and many more. It’s how everyone gets to know their stories, and the welcoming atmosphere makes it easier for everyone to warm up to each other.

Imman Guinto of BS MIS, an oldie and the project head of Tambay Week agrees, saying, “For me, Tambay Week is an activity where Gabayanos can learn more about Gabay and its members. It is a way to know more people and to know people more. I think that this is one of those events where you realize that you have a family in Gabay that you can enjoy being with and [that you can] always rely on”.

Gabay, with one of its main sectors being its me

mbers, always tries to make everyone feel welcome and at home. Projects like Tambay Week bring everyone closer together to strengthen the members’ bonds within the organization. Every Gabayano has some story, joke, or advice to offer, and getting to know them can definitely do the job.

Darwin Tesion of BS BIO says, “Pinapabilis ng Tambay Week ‘yung pagbuo ng koneksyon nu’ng old tsaka new members, parang yung aabutin ng isang buwan na kwentuhan, madadaan sa isang linggong Tambay Week.”

(“Tambay Week streamlines the connection between old and new members, wherein a month’s worth of stories and conversations can be encapsulated in Tambay Week.”)

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