April 3, 2017

One Big Chill: Spacing in, Spacing Out

by Krisia Misa

One Big Chill, the culmination of the weekly Chill sessions, was held in BEL 310 last Friday, March 31, 2017. The event began with the opening remarks from Lea Mae Cabeliza, the event’s project head, who talked about this year’s Chill theme“Fly-by Gabay,” which focused on building and maintaining relationships in connection to oneself.

After the introduction, the event proceeded to a group dynamics activity called “Fly-by Astronaut,” where blindfolded Gabayanos had to find the silent “astronaut” amidst the different voices in the room.The game was explained by Emmelle Petalver, who said that people should not lose themselves in the different relationships that they enter.

Notable Chill members were awarded after the activity. The Chill heads presented the awards to their respective members.

Mr. Lance Bolano from the Theology Department gave a talk about finding one’s “bakit” (why) when embarking on an endeavor or committing to an advocacy. He noted that one’s personal “bakit” must be sufficient.“Your passion will declare why you do things,” he said.

Mr. Bolano also highlighted the importance of relationships: “Ikaw ay kung sino o ano ang nasa kaibuturan mo, kung ano o sino ang iniibig mo… Ang mga taong nakapalibot sa inyo ang kung sino kayo (You are who or what is at the core of your being, and what or who you love… The people around you define who you are),” he said.

Afterwards, he posed the following question to the audience: “The basic question is not who you are, but why you are here. As Gabayanos, we should ask, ‘What are our goals; what are we passionate about?'”

After the talk, the Chill Awards continued, with the Chill heads receiving different awards from the Chill core. “COFFEEM8,” managed by Chill Head Ian Villafuerte, was awarded the “Best Chill Group” for the semester. The event ended with the members singing the Gabay Song together.

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