March 2, 2017

ExeCom aspirants attend Discernment Talk

by Krystel Iris de Castro

As the Executive Committee (Execom) Elections are approaching, aspiring candidates reflected on their plans during the Discernment Talk held last February 27, 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. at CTC 305.

Bro. Mark Purungganan discussed Ignatian Discernment and Veronica Baguio, the Externals Vice-President, recounted her experience of being an officer.

Bro. Mark emphasized that discerning means recognizing the will of God, which can be known only through a relationship with Him. He illustrated this in how couples would figure out what their significant other liked by drawing out from their knowledge of the person or by asking them directly. He contrasted this with waiting for signs to support decisions.

As discernment involves a dilemma between two goods, he also reminded the attendees to choose by way of love. He recommended that decisions should not be made when emotions are overflowing with sadness nor joy, but when the heart is calm.

Afterwards, Ms. Baguio encouraged participation from the audience as she asked questions related to service and leadership. She defined servant-leadership. She also shared what being a leader meant, specifically in the context of Ateneo Gabay. She also stated the importance of knowing the purpose of serving as a leader in the organization.

President Marimar Baticulon and COMELEC Chief Commissioner Niels Nable gave a token of appreciation and certificates to both speakers.

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