February 13, 2017

Salamangkan 2017: Elemental Creatures Host a Week-long Reception for Bathala

by Rosiel Jazmine Villareal

This year’s Hosting Days revolved around the theme of virtue, which can be understood as a quality or trait that reflects character or as a charm that holds magical power.  As a themed Tambay Week, the Hosting Days provided an avenue where the members can express their creativity in conceptualizing activities and decorations, represent their Angkans in challenges prepared by the assigned host for the day, and interact over card games and mini-group dynamics. As a part of the semester-long “Angkan 2017: Salamangkan” competition, Hosting Days is just one of a series of challenges to determine the champion among four fierce rival groups Synesi, Pallikaria, Dikaiosyni, and Dynami.

The four elemental creatures in the world of Salamangkan were given the task of hosting a week-long reception for Bathala from Feb. 7-10. The Angkans went up to the challenge by interpreting the theme in their own ways and transforming the Gabay room, MVP 215, into a magnificent display of their respective territories.

Synesi’s “Aletheia: Ang Pagpapakita ng Nakakubli”

On the first day, giant mushrooms grew on the room’s benches. Roots hung from the ceiling and doorway. A jar was filled with riddles. Scribbled on the bookshelves were ancient baybayin scripts that served as clues to unlocking the ancient wisdom guarded in the earthly home of the Nuno.

Pallikaria’s “Ignis”

On the second day, brightly burning fires were everywhere. All the people who entered the realm of fire of the Santelmo were put on a trial with the option of taking a chance at picking cards and accepting the consequence of whatever they received. A card that was red as fire merited additional points while a card that was black as ash merited deductions for the Angkans. In the final, scorching trial, the representatives of the Nuno and the Sirena battled each other out in ‘Catching Fire’ with the Sirena winning against the Nuno.

Dikaiosyni’s “Anemoi”

On the third day, the winds emptied the room. The members’ ability to adapt to any situation was tested in a game of ‘Ninja’. Like the Diwata, one had to possess the gentleness of the breeze to move swiftly and dodge attacks and the ferocity of a storm to hit squarely and catch the opponents unprepared. Once again, the final contest was between the Nuno and the Sirena, but this time the Nuno won the fight.

Dynami’s “The Tridynt of Poseidyn”

On the fourth and final day, the grandest and strongest kingdom of the seven seas washed away the remains of the previous days. Some seaweeds were even entangled in the ceiling and shelves. All the creatures of the deep ocean responded to the enchanting call of the Sirena and graced the event with their presence, but others, such as shrimps and prawns, were served as food for the guests. As a final challenge, the Sirena gave the representatives of the Nuno, the Santelmo, and the Diwata the opportunity of becoming a Sirena for a day. They were provided with fishtails (in the form of straw sacks) to see who’s the fastest at swimming (or jumping) great lengths. The winning team of the Nuno was then blessed, in the name of Poseidyn, with Angkan points.


In the end, Bathala and the lesser deities (project head and core team) deemed Dynami to have prepared the warmest welcome of all and to have succeeded in exhibiting the mystery of its virtue and the beauty of its territory. As of now, Dynami is leading the race, but it is still too early to declare the champion. There are other activities to watch out for in the Angkan competition, such as the Sportsfest, Twitter Wars, Week-long Race, and Mr. and Ms. Angkan.


Project Head: Julia Agida

Core Team:

(Programs) Lance Gamboa, Lucky Mores

(Secretariat) Anne Rey, Philip Paner

(Logistics) Alex Retona, Bianca Santos, Angel Aranas

(Promotions) Mhaey Contienda, Julius Guillermo

(Finance) Andrei Patupat

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