February 6, 2017

Gabayanos Re-Learn the Whys of GEFP through Preperya

by Czarina Duka

At the start of the second semester, Gabayanos once again pledged their commitment to offer their knowledge, skills, time, and effort for the love of one of Gabay’s sectors, the Erya kids. Preperya was held last February 3, 2017 at CTC 301, to launch the Gabay Erya Formation Program (GEFP), and to equip the members with information that they will need during Erya insertions.
More than just discussing the technicalities of the Erya tutoring program, this year’s Preperya was focused on reminding the Gabayanos of the important whys – why Erya heads, deputies, and dedicated tutors choose to spend their Saturdays with the Erya kids, why the kids come to school on a Saturday, and why our organization continues this formation program.
Addressing the whys, the core team invited the Education Formation Committee Head, Jeepee Sabio, and two Erya tutors with different backgrounds – Krisia Misa and Kath Esmama. Sabio presented a national situationer to remind the members of the importance of putting the Erya program in the larger context of the Philippines, so that Gabayanos may see the long-term effects on the kids and to our nation, more than the ‘burden’ of additional org work.
Moreover, Krisia Misa, a sophomore who admitted that she hated kids, shared her ‘metamorphosis’ through the Erya insertions; from a “higad” whom she said was “mataray and unfriendly,” she “became” a butterfly who loves to bond and spend time with people. She came to know that kids are fun to be with, even though they can be mischievous at times.
Another sophomore by the name of Kathleen Esmama also shared the lessons that she learned from being an Industrial Valley Elementary School tutor. On the contrary, she loves kids and wants to be a teacher, so waking up early to go to the Erya insertions every Saturday is not an issue for her. One of her favorite memories is the Erya ACP. Her heart was filled with joy because she can see that the kids are genuinely having fun. She ended her speech by encouraged the tutors with her 3Ms – “Magmahal, Magsakripisyo, at Magpakatatag.”
After the breakout sessions of each Erya arm, Gabayanos gathered once again at CTC 301 to listen to Education Operations Head, Katrina Llorente’s final remarks. She emphasized the lessons that the speakers shared, and expressed her hope that members will participate in the GEFP for the right reasons, the most important of which is to serve the Erya kids.

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