January 26, 2017

Let the games begin: Ateneo Gabay holds GA to start the second semester

by Lance Ting

A general assembly, also known as a GA, always sparks excitement for its audience. It is a time for the organization to gather its members and showcase what is in store for them in the semester while reminiscing the accomplishments of the organization in the previous one.

Gabay’s second GA started out with a speech from Marimar Baticulon, the current Ateneo Gabay president. She discussed the underlying question of why the members join and stay in Gabay, and how she found her reason to stay and lead Gabay. The project heads then gave overviews of their respective projects.

Everything goes smoothly as any other typical org would do it, but what is this? At the registration booth, a piece of paper has been taped to the back of each new member. The lights were turned off, and a message from Bathala was echoed towards these helpless souls. “We were born in pairs,” Bathala says, “we must find our pairs.” Chaos had befallen in the MVP roof deck as the members struggled to find their partners.

When the smoke has cleared out, and the chaos has settled, the true intention of Bathala has been revealed, which was to sort out the new members into the four different angkans. The fiery red Pallikaria, the ferocious yellow of Synesi, the mysterious blue Dikaiosyni, and the cunning green Dynami form the 4 different angkans of Gabay.

The new members met with the veterans of this fierce Angkan battle to plan and strategize for the first Angkan competition of the year. The members of each Angkan must escape the hellish web traps set by Bathala himself, and the fastest team to escape wins. It was a tough battle, but everyone made it out. Synesi escaped first, followed by Pallikaria, then Dynami and last but not the least Dikayosini. Synesi is in first place as of now, but there is still a long semester to decide who will win this fierce war.

Gabay’s GA brought out the fiery flame of competition of their members and divided Gabay into four different angkans. The unity that was once seen in the first semester has now transformed into a competitive battle among Gabay’s members. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious.

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