January 29, 2017

“Bookworms” raises funds for Ateneo scholars

by Krisia Misa

“Bookworms” just held its gummiest event last January 23 to 27, which relived and sparked the Atenean’s inner child.

Through the power of gummy candies and the sweetness it brought to the second week of classes, the project was able to raise the money needed to support Ateneo Gabay’s Book Lending Service. Ateneans were able to enjoy different gummy candy selections, ranging from sour gummy dolphins to sweet gummy worms. A pack of gummies costs 40 pesos, with a half-pack being sold for 20 pesos. There is also an option of having a mixed variety in a pack.

Although this type of fundraising activity is common nowadays, Francesca Cano (2 BS ME) and Abegail Lee (3 BS PSY), along with the help of their core team, were able to add personality to the project, making the project unique and enjoyable to all Ateneans. Both the heads and their core team ensured the success of the project for all students.

Bookworms is a project under Ateneo Gabay’s Office of the Finance Officer.

Project Heads: Francesca Cano and Abegail Lee

Promotions: Lance Ting and Keith de Leon

Creatives: Gracielle Cruz and Riz Comia

Logistics: Jose Anadia, Christian Collado, and Robin Ramos

Secretariat: Paolo Villegas

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