December 11, 2016

Mula po sa Gabay, Merry Christmas!

by Lance Ting

Once again, it’s that time of the year when students channel all their energy into a week of sleepless nights and nonstop cramming, and it’s also Christmas. Last December 8, 2016, the day after finals week, Gabayanos got a taste of Christmas joy and cheer in Gabay’s Christmas party in Colayco Pavilion. It was an event to destress, meet familiar faces, and say our goodbyes as we all travel our separate paths back to our homes for the holidays. Although the party’s main goal is to celebrate Christmas, it was also a time to strengthen the bond of each member with one another through the activities that the event offered.

Decorations with the theme of “Pinoy Christmas” greeted Gabayanos as they signed up and took their seats. The sound of laughter and jokes filled the air of the Colayco Pavilion as activities started rolling in. Classic children’s party games such as paper dance, Mary goes to the market, Merry Christmas, and bring me were crowd favorites. To reflect on all that has happened last semester, our president, Marimar Baticulon, presented awards to the members of the Gabayano community that excelled in certain aspects of “pagtataya”, such as best project head and best Erya tutor. Awards also included the party’s best-dressed attendee.

After the games and awarding, Gabay was treated to a dinner of chicken barbecue, corn and carrots, brownies, and free-flowing ice tea. GaBand serenaded the crowd with their choice of classic Disney songs and OPM.

After dinner, the attendees were asked to write a short letter to one another as a parting gift. While people were writing their letters, the Execom performed a short dance number for the members. Right after the dance, our Gabay Carolers brought in the spirit of Christmas songs and cheer with their performance of Himig ng Hangin, Emmanuel, Seasons of Love, and Love is the Answer. To wrap up the event, Gabayanos all gathered around, held each other’s hands, and sang the Gabay song—a tradition to end all Gabay events.

Project Heads: Julia Agida and Anne Rey

Programs: Alex Retona and Katrina Salumbides

Secretariat: Richmond Rodriguez

Logistics: Kelvin Cabildo, Anfernee Bonifacio, Carla Buenaobra

Finance: Al Bontogon

Promotions: Carlo de Leon and Reina Tamayo

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