December 17, 2016

Gabay holds its annual Midyear Planning

by Darwin Tesion

On December 13 to 15, Ateneo Gabay held its annual Midyear Planning. For three days and two nights, the ExeCom and the members of Gabay evaluated projects from last semester, and discussed future projects. This also served as a bonding activity for the members of the organization.

On the first day, situationers were given to the members to serve as their jump-off point for the entire planning session. This involved the context of education in the Philippine setting, and Gabay’s current situation. After that, specific projects from last semester were evaluated, grouped according to whether they catered to one of the three sectors of Gabay. After that, Gabay’s efforts in Internal Communication, Project Management, and Member Formation were evaluated.

The second day started with a Constitutional Review session by Angel Aranas. The changes that will be made to the Constitution were discussed during the session, and the opinions of the members were taken into account. After that, the participants were put into small groups and they were given the task to make a feasible plan regarding a project next semester. This gave the members a taste on what it takes to plan for a project, and to see how the project’s goals should dictate its planning.

The third day was a wrap-up and evaluation session. The members evaluated the members of ExeCom and the planning itself. In the State of Gabay Address by the Gabay president Marimar Baticulon, the concept of Ikigai and the 5Cs were reiterated to the members, where she emphasized how this should guide them in knowing the purpose of the work that they do in their everyday lives. In the end, Gabay’s Midyear Planning not only helped further the organization’s advocacy, but also helped its members grow.

The Midyear Planning was held at Villa Marta Resort, Solemar del Pansol, Calamba, Laguna, on December 13 to 15, 2016. It was a project of Ruby.

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