November 13, 2016

Ulap para sa Aklat gives back on its 3rd year

It’s hard to ignore the people walking around in campus eating cotton candy last November 7-11. This was Ateneo Gabay’s fundraising project, which is on its third year. Ulap Para sa Aklat, or UPSA, raises money for Gabay’s Book Lending project in order to better cater to the needs of the Ateneo’s scholar community. During the week, Gabayanos cheerfully manned the booths, encouraging passers-by to support the project.

On the first day, the cotton candy machine malfunctioned, cutting its debut day short. After changing the machine, the project successfully attracted customers for the following days. UPSA offered two flavors: strawberry and cotton candy, and sold one cotton candy for 50 pesos, and two for 90 pesos.

Ulap Para sa Aklat is a project of the Office of the Finance Officer. It was headed by Andrei Patupat and Alex Retona, and its overseer is Aldrin Ward.

Core Team: Bianca Santos, Julia Agida, Precious Patriarca, JL de Troz, Ana de Duque, AJ de Leon

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