November 6, 2016

UPSA 2016: Be Sweet for Sweets

Gabby the Scholar has summoned up the cotton candies…Gabby commands you now! Hear his howl…to make his wish come true!

Ateneo Gabay presents Ulap Para sa Aklat, a fundraiser for the Book Lending Services to the scholars community!

Taste the delicious cotton candy that’s over 9000 for only PhP 50! But wait, there’s more! Go saiyan and buy 2 cotton candies for only PhP 90!

You can even help someone collect more dragon balls! Order a cotton candy for them at and we’ll contact them to claim their cotton candies 😉
**You may also donate academic textbooks to the scholars community by dropping them off on our booth.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us at the Doghouse from November 7-11, 9am to 5pm!

Poster by Bianca Santos

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