November 20, 2016

Chill Culminates First Half with DWKJ: The Final Lap

by Abigail Madlangbayan

Last Friday, November 18, 2016, Ateneo Gabay culminated the first half of its semester-long CHILL sessions with “DWKJ: The Final Lap” at the MVP Roofdeck.

For the first semester of 2016, the project focused on the journey of every Gabayano to find meaning, a theme represented through a car and racetrack. Hence, the theme for the first half of the CHILL sessions was “GABAY Yourself a Car.” After many weekly CHILL sessions that brought together each group’s members, DWKJ marks the end of this chapter of their unforgettable journey.

The night was filled with fun as different CHILL groups gathered together and competed in line with the last module, or “pit stop” through a game similar to minesweeper. Boosters were also given inside the grid relating the game to other pit stops of Chill.

Former Spiritual Formation (SF) committee head Jesha Gregorio provided the synthesis the game and the pit stops. She encouraged Gabayanos to instill these lessons in their hearts. The event ended with the awarding of special awards to notable members and participants of their respective CHILL groups and CHILL heads. Yachiru’s CHILL group was declared the winner of the game and the special distinction of being the best Chill group for the semester.

It may be the final lap for the semester’s CHILL sessions, but there will always be new races to start and finish. No matter how far or slow the journey, Ateneo Gabay through its CHILL sessions remind that one will always have friends to walk with them to the end.

Project heads: Von Casem, Krystel Iris de Castro, Vince Quebral

Core team:

Logistics: Jose Anadia, Imman Guinto, Gabriel Valencia

Modules/Programs: Gabriel Arriola, Precious Patriarca, Abigail Madlangbayan

Secretariat: Mariah Salazar, Yayin Araña

DocPub: Jersey Tualla and Mika Montano

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