November 14, 2016

CAMP ACP brings ERYA kids to Ateneo

by Darwin Tesion

One of Ateneo Gabay’s flagship projects, the Alternative Class Program (ACP), was held last November 12, 2016. This year’s theme centered around camping, thus dubbing the event as Camp ACP. In the morning, Grade 5 ERYA kids experienced classes from partner organizations from Ateneo, involving different subjects such as Physics and Chemistry. During the latter half of the event, an Amazing Race was held in the SEC B Field.

The partner organizations facilitated the different classes. MISA taught the kids the basics of Microsoft Powerpoint, while ACheS showed the kids different concepts like density through density towers. ISIP taught the kids how to communicate scientific ideas. Baybayin helped the kids spell their name in Baybayin, and TA facilitated a basic theatre workshop. Lastly, LEAPS introduced Physics topics like Newton’s Law through the use of an alcohol powered rocket launcher.

The different stations in the amazing race had connections to the different classes that the kids had in the morning. In the final part of the program, the group Daring Deers won the Amazing Race.

Camp ACP served as the culminating event for the first half of the ERYA program.

Project Heads: Karl Aparece and Lance Gamboa

Core Team: Gabriel Arriola, Francesca Cano, Darwin Tesion, Bianca Arvesu, Cheslyn Fabello, Abigail Napenas, Abigail Cortez, Gybel Agregado

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